In 2012 the Hotel Grand Torino invested heavily in renovation and updating of its inhalation section, purchasing new generation, completely automated apparatuses that enabled an increase in the treatment capacity of the spa water. This technology today means that patients can manage their own inhalation therapy, spa nebulisation and nasal douche using just one apparatus. We have also increased our guaranteed hygiene levels, to the benefit of the end user, whether adult or child. The flexibility of this technology also means this section now has more flexible opening times and our guests, including children, can choose from a wider selection of treatment times.


    Special apparatuses nebulise the mineral water particles and transform them into an effective treatment for pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory tract, for the prevention and cure of chronic pathologies. Inhalation spa therapies are used and scientifically recognised for the treatment of pathologies of the airways and in preventing relapses. Inhalation therapies have many therapeutic objectives:

    • Antiseptic action
    • Stimulation of the ciliary apparatus
    • Fluidification of secretions
    • Rebalancing of respiratory mucus characteristics
    • Reduction of microbial population