The final phase of mud balneotherapy is a stimulating massage. Following application of the mud, spa shower and ozonised bath, a massage is suggested to the client, in preparation for the natural reaction to the previous treatments. You should ideally wait about one hour after mud application, totally relaxing in your room, before having a massage.

Guests at our Hotel can choose from two different kinds of massage. The normal one is quite short and focuses on the treated part of the body, whereas the special version is longer and specifically for reactivating muscles and helping the body to react properly.

The former is usually carried out in the guest’s room for convenience, while the latter takes place in one of the massage cubicles in our treatment section. Guests can of course decide not to have a massage, but it is the best way to get maximum benefit from your stay with us and therefore highly recommended. In any case, guests are free to talk directly with our medical staff who will explain all the therapeutic properties of mud balneotherapy.